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MamaYe brings you the latest evidence on mothers, babies and Ebola in Sierra Leone. Together we can help our mothers and babies survive pregnancy and childbirth.
What is the impact of Ebola on our health facilities?
Findings from UNICEF's Health Facilities Survey 2014
What's Happening in Sierra Leone

What are the latest numbers on maternal and newborn health in Sierra Leone? How do they vary between urban and rural areas? When young Sierra Leonean women are educated, how much more likely are they to gain access to contraception?

The Commission on Information and Accountability (COIA) tracks progress on maternal and child health and we've visualised the latest numbers.

Check out all of the infographics, source data and analysis here.

What has Sierra Leone's Government pledged for mothers and babies?

Are the pledges to Sierra Leone's mothers and babies being kept? Read more here >

Free Downloads

We've collected our favourite free resources on maternal and newborn health in Sierra Leone. Flyers, posters, fact sheets and more. Read more here >