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About MamaYe

Our mission in Sierra Leone

MamaYe aims to engage the African public in the survival of African women and their newborns. The project is led by African experts in evidence, advocacy and accountability in six countries – Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Tanzania.

2,400 women do not survive childbirth in Sierra Leoneand 11,000 newborns lose their life each year. It does not have to be this way; rapid progress is possible when we all choose to act. MamaYe uses grassroots strategies and digital media to showcase the work of partners striving to save lives of mothers and babies. We give you evidence to help you with advocacy and with holding politicians, officials and communities to account. Evidence helps decision makers to manage supplies of drugs and equipment, improve skills and practices and ensure safe clinics. Safe clinics make for safe childbirth.

MamaYe is a campaign for every pregnant woman, every family, every youth, every man, every government and every community. It is about you, and with your support we can transform commitment into action. This campaign starts with you and results in lives saved. Be an engaged citizen because you know that every pregnant woman in Sierra Leone should survive while giving life.

Evidence for Action

Mama Ye! is a campaign initiated by Evidence for Action, a multi-year programme which aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa. Funded by the UK Department for International Development, it focuses on using a strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability to save lives in Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.