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15th Aug 2016

Time to respond: a report on the global implementation of maternal death surveillance and response (MDSR)

This report describes the global status of implementation of maternal death surveillance and response (MDSR). It presents findings from the 2015 global survey of national MDSR systems, which was conducted by the World Health Organization in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
20th Sep 2016

Lancet Maternal Health Series Evidence Blast

The Lancet’s Maternal Health Series has brought us new evidence giving us the latest picture of the progress made on maternal mortality and maternity services. We want to see more action to end preventable maternal deaths. Use the evidence from the Lancet Series to inform your practice, your advocacy, your policies.
15th Sep 2016

The scale, scope, coverage, and capability of childbirth care

This is the third paper in a Lancet Series of six papers about maternal health. It focuses on health care during childbirth, comparing different models of care across low- and middle-income countries. It argues that we need to focus on birth locations and capacity; staff skills; women’s access to routine and emergency care; and referral systems for emergency care.
15th Sep 2016

Drivers of maternity care in high-income countries: can health systems support woman-centred care?

Paper 4 in the Lancet Maternal Series explores the main models used to deliver maternity care in high-income countries. It examines the drivers of these models, looks at case studies from the USA and Sweden, and discusses how the models influence the health of mothers and babies.