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Facilities Improvement Team Assessments: 2012 to 2015

A major component of the Government of Sierra Leone’s initiative to improve maternal and neonatal survival is to certify facilities that demonstrate their material capability to provide emergency obstetric and neonatal care (EmONC).

The Facilities Improvement Tracking (FIT) assessment system tracks the progress of health facilities in their capability to provide emergency care for pregnant women and babies. To date, 13 hospitals and 65 community health centres - five per district, roughly one per chiefdom - are assessed bi-annually.

The assessment measures and grades health facilities on conditions that provide an enabling environment such as infrastructure and drug supply. Grading is based on a traffic light system. There are seven identified categories, or enablers, which are: water and sanitation, electricity, drugs and supplies, staffing, laboratory, equipment and referrals.

The FIT quarterly assessment visits are not only a monitoring tool but an opportunity to work with the district leadership on coordinating support and planning actions to improve quality of care.

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