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7th Feb 2017

Kailahun women plead for health facilities and roads

The President of the Kailahun Women in Governance Network (KWiGN), Lucy Gondor, on Saturday pleaded with President Ernest Koroma, for the extension of the Kailahun road project to Koindu and for better health facilities in the District.
7th Feb 2017

We will avert water shortages this year -Momodu Malagie

The Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Malagie, has told the people of Western Area that the challenges they faced last year to get water will not be repeated this year as they have put modalities in place to avert that crisis.
6th Feb 2017

Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

February 6th, is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. The theme for this year’s commemoration is, “Building a solid and interactive bridge between Africa and the world to accelerate ending FGM by 2030.”

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19th Nov 2014

We mustn’t forget other essential health services during the Ebola crisis

Dealing with the Ebola outbreak and mitigating further effects must not be at the cost of other essential health services. In Sierra Leone, for example, at least 2,400 pregnant women were at risk of dying each year before the outbreak of Ebola. In addition, women are more vulnerable to the consequences of Ebola infection—two different studies suggest that pregnant women have a higher risk of mortality than non-pregnant women and that their newborn babies have a lower chance of survival.
13th Nov 2014

Response to Editorial: Ebola in an unprepared Africa

This rapid response to the BMJ Editorial draws attention for the need to support Governments in West Africa to meet their obligations to as outlined in the International Health Regulations (2005); which provides a legally-binding framework for coordinating public health emergencies of potential international concern such as the Ebola outbreak.